TunerPro RT

TunerPro RT 5.0

Manages and adjusts vehicle electronics data
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Control and maintain the work of a vehicle by monitoring and managing the calibration data for engine, transmission, and body control electronics. It is compatible with any model of Craig Moates's hardware, XTronics Romulator, and MAF Translator Pro. Multiple plugins are available.

TunerPro RT is a software platform designed to enable you to manipulate the calibration data present in modern vehicle engine, transmission, and body control electronics.
TunerPro RT fully supports nearly all of Craig Moates's hardware as well as XTronics Romulator, and Bob Bailey's MAF Translator Pro, with plug-ins available for other hardware.

Main Features:
- In-editor support for burning and reading PROMs with Craig Moates's Flash & Burn and AutoProm.
- Simultaneously emulate and data log using AutoProm or serial->USB converter
- Multiple emulator support for 16-bit applications
- Real-time data monitoring and logging - record to file for later playback
- Fully customizable dashboard and data graphing for easy viewing of real-time data in-car
- View/Log 3 additional channels of A/D (WBO2, etc) using the AutoProm
- Easily view engine parameters and state information via dockable tab windows
- View real-time data history in multi-series side scrolling charts
- Plot real-time data trends using histograms.

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